Trail Runs in the Bay Area

Trail running isn’t always hard, but it is always fun!

What is it?

It’s a series of races across less-frequented trails in the Bay Area. Every event features short distances and kids’ races, so it’s a can’t-miss for the whole family.

When is it?

Once a month, Sunday morning.

What is the experience?

Every participant can expect the following:

  • Free granola and coffee
  • Free vintage merch from our sister event, The SF Marathon
  • Sports Basement Gift Card for 1st place in 5k and 10k for:
    • Men’s
    • Women’s
    • Non-Binary+
  • Electrolyte gel and liquids
  • A virtual 3D medal for social media
  • Aid station support
  • Official bibs
  • Official finish times
  • Gun-timed races
  • Partner discounts

Our mission is to have sustainable fun that enriches the community and helps the public discover new outdoor parks in the Bay Area. We aim for a small footprint while providing a quality race with an amazing community feeling.

Why join Run 365 Trails?

Through these events, we hope to foster a love of trail running, its community and the outdoors. Whether you’re a hiker or a runner, you’re welcome to come out and spend your Sunday morning with us.